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Editorial Dear Readers! “Defend the Sacred” was the motto used by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their resistance to the threatened construction of an oil pipeline through the Missouri River (USA). Today, “Defend the Sacred“ is a growing movement for the protection of the foundations of life all over the world: water and climate, forests and soils, solidarity and community among people. For those in this movement the sacred is no longer just a religious concept but is recognised as an aspect of life. The hand that reaches out is holy as is the committed word, the healing environment. The light-hearted play of free animals is holy, the waking eyes of a small child, the incomprehensible dimensions of the stars. That which we human beings love the most deeply is holy. When we enter this realm of love we find ourselves surprisingly close to each other, remarkably similar, even though we might speak different languages or come from different cultures. Here we are, first and foremost, human - Homo Sapiens - a species to whom all life on Earth has been entrusted so that we care for it and help it to thrive for the benefit of all. That is mankind‘s great cosmic mission. Our new book „Defend the Sacred“ features people from all over the world who are remembering their cosmic task. They gather to communicate as deeply and truthfully as possible. Together they want to create a force capable of ending the epoch of war and helping life to victory. If that succeeds, everyone will emerge as winner. In the name of a humane future, Monika Berghoff Verlag Meiga